WWLWD (What Would Little Women Drive?)


The Return of Little Women

Greta Gerwig’s vision of Louisa May Alcott’s iconic 1868 novel, “Little Women”, puts a modern spin on a classic tale. Her interpretation of the story of the March sisters, Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth, will have you laughing and crying, often at the same time.  In the film, people come and go, often by horse and carriage and steamship.  Which now begs the question:

What would the Sisters drive?

Of course, there were no automobiles in 1868.  Karl Benz’s horseless carriage was still almost twenty years in the future.  Let’s take a walk down an imaginary memory lane and see if we can match vehicles to the various sisters’ personalities and needs.

Beth is shy, retiring, and for much of the novel and movie, not well.  She’d want security and safety with an emphasis on comfort.  Let’s put Beth in a Volvo XC60.  It’s roomy and loaded with safety features.  Volvo has an historically stellar record for safety, and who can argue with Swedish practicality?  Just the thing for visiting Mr. Lawrence.

Amy wants the finer things in life.  Refinement, beauty and sophistication all call to her. She’s always known that she’d marry well and will need a vehicle that befits her station.  Her European tour with Aunt March opens her eyes to a world beyond Massachusetts.  Upscale luxury is the ticket for Amy.  How about a Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 with all the bells and whistles?  A Premium Package and Intelligent Drive package would put the price of this vehicle north of $78,000.

Meg is the oldest, first to be married and first to be a mother of the four sisters.  She was employed as a governess, and as the oldest sibling, would admonish her sisters to behave more like “little women”. Having married John Brooke, a tutor and bookkeeper, they struggle with finances and day-to-day life.  With two small children, she needs a minivan. Despite the lack of soccer leagues and hockey clubs, a Honda Odyssey Touring with the handy built-in vacuum is perfect for Meg.

And finally, let’s talk about Jo.  She’s fiercely independent, quick to temper (which she freely admits gets the better of her), and passionately dedicated to her family.  A lover of literature and writing, for a time she rejects the norms of romance and marriage.  She’ll need to balance her independence with her desire to spend time with her family. The solution?  A Ford Mustang Convertible.  It won’t break the bank, it says that she goes her own way, but still has three additional seats for her sisters.

What would you choose?

Through the March sisters, we’ve had some fun choosing new vehicles.  But you could go through much the same process.  Try to define what you need, such as cargo space, passenger capacity, exceptional fuel economy, and what you want, such as image, exceptional handling and acceleration.  These are all important factors when deciding what to purchase.  And along the way, let Automobl give you a hand with that decision-making process.


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