Trim levels? What the heck are trim levels?

navi for trim levels

The wonderful comic, Rita Rudner, when asked what kind of car she drives, replies, “a white one”.  For many people, a vehicle is a way to get from point A to point B.  Some people shop for the lowest possible price, others are looking for amenities and advanced safety features to help them along the way.  Trim levels bundle popular features together, often at a lower cost than if you had to purchase them separately.

A trim level for a given vehicle describes the equipment and features available for an additional price beyond the base cost of the vehicle.  For example, let’s say you go into the supermarket to buy some meat.  You could purchase beef, pork, or chicken.  That’s like the Manufacturer in our comparison tool.  You decide you’ll purchase some beef.  What kind of beef?  There’s minced, stewing, roasts and steak.  Let’s say you’ll purchase a steak.  This would be the equivalent of Model in the tool.  What kind of steak?  There’s rib eye, top sirloin, T-bone, New York Strip, etc.  These are like the trim levels in our comparison tool.

Manufacturers use different ways of describing their trim levels.  Some use letter codes (DX, LX, EX, EX-L), some use words (Sport, Luxury, Platinium, Premium) and some use a combination of the two.

Why is this important? Say you want to purchase a vehicle with a built-in navigation system.  Many manufacturers bundle the navigation system in higher priced trim levels.  You’ll have to take a number of other features in addition to the navigation system.  This is like buying a cable television package where you just want the Sport channels, but need to take all of those news channels at the same time.  Maybe this will be good value for you, maybe not. This is where the Automobl Comparison Tool comes in.  We can help you gather the information you need to make an intelligent, informed choice before you purchase, by displaying the Automobl Value Advantage between two vehicles listed on our system, including many popular trim levels on every vehicle.  If the navigation system is included, are the additional features you’re purchasing worth it to you?  We can help you decide.  Give it a try today.

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