We’ve Launched Our New Car Buying Course

Show Floor, Toronto Auto Show February 2020

Car Buying Got You Down? We've Got the Cure

We’ve launched our New Car Buying Course. It’s broken down into a number of sections for easy reference. We’re including it with a subscription to Automobl.

What Am I Getting?

Before you commit, we have a number of free trials of the Automobl Comparison Tool, plus the first four sections of the New Car Buying Course (including the Introduction) are free to explore.

We think that the course plus the Automobl Comparison Tool is exceptional value. Most people take about three months to shop for a new vehicle. That’s why our subscription is a one-time fee of $10 for three months. It doesn’t renew, it’s just for three months from the time you sign up and you don’t have to worry about cancelling it when your three months are up.

If you add up the potential savings knowing the Automobl Value of one vehicle over another, plus learning about the potential pitfalls of the sales process which could cost you many, many dollars, we think that $10 is a bargain.


person standing next to convertible sports car illustration

Who Am I?

Well, actually who are you? We go through the buyer personas of two potential buyers to demonstrate what a dealer does to you on the showroom floor. They’ll try to ‘fit’ you into a persona then sell you a vehicle that their research says you’ll want to purchase.

customers on new car showroom floor illustration

What Should I Buy?

We break down the things to consider when looking for a new vehicle. What’s important to you? The pros and cons of sedans versus SUVs. Large vehicles versus small vehicles. We don’t tell you what to buy, but we hope we make it easier to decide.

person with large pen signing to purchase new vehicle, sheltered under an umbrella illustration

Topics to Research

Once you’ve decided on the type of vehicle, what things might you want along with it? We look at the various areas of a vehicle such as Mechanical, Exterior, Interior, Comfort and Convenience, Audio and Safety.

exterior of new car dealership illustration

Pick A Dealer

The other “Significant Other” in your life. Choosing a dealer is like choosing a partner. We give you tips on what to look for in a dealership for the best long-term relationship you can possibly have.

car with warranty badge illustration


You haven’t even purchased yet and we’re concerned about your vehicle breaking down. We explain the coverages available with new vehicles and warn you about some common exceptions that you just need to know.

computer keyboard with car insurance written in red on one key illustration


The necessary evil that goes along with every vehicle on the road. We help you shop for insurance and explain concepts that can help you keep the price of insurance down.

collage of money, calculator, people, credit card, adding machine and computer screen illustration

What Can I Afford?

A tough question, but we have a few rules of thumb that can help you get the vehicle you want without breaking your budget.

car on roadway illustration

Buying versus Leasing

This can be a tough decision. There are financial questions to ask yourself, as well as what kind of owner you are. We outline a number of scenarios that we hope will help you with your decision.

cartoon of exterior of car dealership


The value of your trade is not as variable as you might think. We show you how a dealer might manipulate the value of your trade so you’re ready for them when it comes time to negotiate your deal.

exterior of new car dealership illustration

Dealership Visit

You’ll put a lot of time determining what kind of vehicle you’re going to drive. But your relationship with your vehicle is only as good as the dealer you choose. We also outline the things to look for when you first see your potential new vehicle on the showroom floor.

exterior of new vehicle showroom illustration

Test Drive

At some point, you’re going to need to drive the vehicle you want to purchase. We give you a comprehensive summary of how you should conduct your test drive as well as the things to look for to confirm this is the right vehicle for you.

shilhouette of two people talking seated at a table illustration


We think this section is worth the entire price of a subscription to Automobl. We try to take the fear out of the negotiation process by explaining how it works and what the dealer is actually doing to get the deal done.

four-square worksheet illustration

Four-Square Worksheet

The Four-Square Worksheet section is the cautionary tale about the small percentage of dealers that think a purchase negotiation is actually a game of chance. Except you’ve never played before, and they hold all the cards. Read this section to understand what they’re doing so you’re not taken for a ride.

stack of money on wheels driving down road illustration

The Back Office

You may have thought you were all done in the Negotiation section. The dealer has one more process to put you through to extract as many dollars as they can. This section explains what they’re selling and how.

salesperson giving keys to new car to buyers illustration


Perhaps you’re used to being given the keys to your new vehicle and shown the door. That’s not how it should work. Make sure you get the delivery you deserve with our tips on a very exciting day: the day you get your new vehicle.

anti virus spraying of car illustration

COVID-19 Changes to The Purchasing Process

We’ve had a lot of changes to our lives during the pandemic. We outline what’s changed and what hasn’t at the dealer and with the purchasing process because of COVID-19.

The Upshot

Climb aboard, and get our take on how car buying actually works. Find out about the psychology used to influence your behaviour. Learn about the sales techniques used to get as much money from you as possible. Benefit from our experience so you don’t have a bad experience.

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