Sporty SUV Showdown: Chevy Blazer RS vs Ford Edge ST

Blazer/Edge side by side

Mid-size SUV Rubber Hits the Road

You’re finally at that point. You just can’t make that 15 year old Camaro work anymore. Similarly, your two-door Mustang can’t keep up with trips to the mall, ferrying kids here and there. You don’t want to give up the racy looks but you need the room of a Sport Utility Vehicle. Fear not. General Motors has met you half way with the Chevrolet Blazer RS.  Ford hasn’t stood still either with its new Edge ST. Our sporty SUV showdown candidates have more than 300 horsepower. Both have MSRPs that are within $200 of each other. Let’s see how these vehicles stack up from an Automobl Value standpoint.

2020 Chevrolet Blazer RS

Blazer has been out for a little over a year, even though the nameplate dates back to 1969. The RS model has been available since its rebirth in 2019. Blazer has a trim, taut look, echoing Camaro, but with SUV carrying capacity.

2020 Ford Edge ST

Edge has been with us since 2007, but underwent a significant mid-life cycle update for 2019. The rounded sides and hood have been shaved for a much sleeker, more creased look. The blacked out grille trades on Mustang’s forward face. Edge ST replaced the Sport model, and builds on the ST branding first established with the Escort ST and Fiesta ST models.

Reality check. SUVs don’t scream ‘sporty’. However, the red accents, blacked out window trim and black high gloss wheels on Blazer RS says this vehicle means business.  Edge ST isn’t left behind in the looks department, cribbing similar black wheels, aggressive twin exhaust pipes, suede inserts on the leather seats and a monochromatic interior.

The Comparison

We’ve chosen the 2020 Blazer RS with All-wheel drive and the standard 9-speed automatic transmission to go against the 2020 Edge ST All-wheel drive equipped with an 8-speed automatic.

Ford Edge ST vs Chevrolet Blazer RS

Common Equipment

Common equipment

Now that’s a list of Common Equipment! Both these vehicles come with a high level of standard equipment, which you’d expect when the price is north of $40,000. Those 20” alloy wheels really stand out. These are serious boots, which should give both vehicles half decent cornering despite their high centres of gravity. Leather interior, metallic trim and a split folding rear seat blend function with near sports-car-like form. Many features like automatic dual zone air conditioning, an auto dimming rear view mirror, proximity key and remote start are the cost of entry at this price point. A full complement of safety features including a driver’s knee air bag and a security alarm leave little wanting.

Feature Difference

Feature Difference: RS vs ST

Edge ST trounces Blazer RS in Automobl Value. More horsepower and torque, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning and lane departure and lane keeping assist are all standard at this trim level on Edge ST.  Blazer brings some tech to the party with navigation, active noise control and selectable driving programs. But it just can’t overcome the volume of features that we’ve found on Edge ST that we can’t find on Blazer RS. This round goes to Edge.



On the surface, Edge out does Blazer in just about every dimension. Edge ST has more interior room, more cargo space, higher ground clearance and more horsepower and torque. On the surface, this would rule Blazer out in a heartbeat. Especially when you consider Edge ST’s Automobl Value Advantage of $3,660. Even at a low $40s price point, that’s a significant chunk of change.

On the other hand, I’d like you to focus on the few measurements that Blazer ‘wins’. First is wheelbase. By hanging the wheels out to the corners, Blazer should provide a little better ride than Edge. Blazer is classic “GM circa 1960s” when their slogan was “longer, lower and wider”. Blazer is a little longer and wider than Edge, but more than an inch shorter. This helps gives Blazer that long-hooded sports car look. Blazer also comes in with 1,000 lbs more towing capacity than Edge.

Which wins your heart?

Is the meagre list of items found on Blazer RS enough to overcome the onslaught of features found on Edge ST? Certainly, on paper, Edge ST wins this comparison in a slam dunk. Edge ST has lots to offer in this sporty segment, but I recommend a seat-of-the-pants comparison by driving Blazer RS before you decide. You may find that the curb appeal of Blazer RS is enough to overcome the on-paper deficit against Edge ST. After all, you’re coming from the original pony cars. Will they adequately substitute for your faithful Camaro or Mustang? Before you decide, check the other models in the Blazer and Edge lineup using Automobl’s Comparison Tool. We hope you find it helps you get the ride you deserve.

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