Practical Things to Think About on a New Vehicle

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There is a lot to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. Things like price, financing and trade-in value are all on your mind. But you’ll likely live with this vehicle for up to seven years. The finances will come and go, but your new vehicle stays with you. There are practical things to consider on a new vehicle to make sure it’ll do what it needs to do for you, every day. Let’s take a look at five things to think about during your showroom visit.

A sunroof can reduce headroom


This might be the first thing you notice, or not at all. Do you have enough space above your head? You might ‘grow’ a bit with a heavy coat on. Perhaps you like a high seating position. If you hit a bump, are you going to hit your head on the roof? Will other drivers have enough room? Make sure you check out the headroom dimensions on Automobl to make sure you’re not too cramped

At times, you can never have enough storage

Storage Space

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re driving with small children and Muffy no longer wants her half-full box of apple juice and threatens a tantrum if you don’t get her the cherry juice RIGHT NOW, you’re going to need an extra cup holder.  Make sure the vehicle has enough bottle holders and cup holders for your needs.  Ensure the centre console will hold the assorted pens, pencils, parking passes, small tissue packets and other necessary detritus that we seem to accumulate in our vehicles.

Look for a low liftover height for easy loading

Cargo Space

Are your arms always full of packages?  Have a bad back and lifting cargo just adds to it?  Here are a few things to think about.  No matter what you purchase, if you have to fling your cargo into the rear, then it’s probably too high. Make sure the vehicle has a comfortable loading height.

For a sedan’s trunk, make sure the opening is cut low into the rear of the body (like the Honda Civic at the top of the page).  This will make it easier to load larger items.  For SUVs, check the hatch; will you hit your head on it when it’s open? Is it too high to pull back down? Will it hit the roof of your garage when open? Many vehicles now come with a power rear liftgate, and the open height can be preset to ensure that you don’t hit your head, or open too high and hit a low ceiling.

Think about how you use your vehicle through the week.  Need to carry a couple of hockey bags?  Do you golf regularly?  Will the cargo area accommodate the items you carry on a regular basis? Do you need the back seats to fold perfectly flat?  Does the front passenger seat fold flat for those occasional trips to the home improvement store?

Keep valuables hidden in the under floor storage

Hidden Storage

Easy to overlook, (that’s the point), some part of your vehicle should have a place to tuck valuables out of site. Often located in the cargo area, this makes a great spot to keep purses, cameras, computers and other items away from prying eyes.

 Reclining rear seats add to passenger comfort

Rear Seating

Make sure you sit in the rear seat.  Is it comfortable?  Is the bottom cushion really short so the legs aren’t supported?  Do the seat backs recline?  This can give a tall rear seat passenger a little more headroom.  One good test is to adjust the driver’s seat to your liking, then go into the back seat right behind the driver’s seat.  Are you comfortable?  Is there enough leg room?  Is there an armrest for you, and are cup holders handy?

This is a very brief list of things to think about when you’re shopping for a new vehicle.  Go over your prospective vehicle with a fine tooth comb to make sure it’s comfortable and practical for your every day use.  And don’t forget, Automobl has a lot of these features listed to help you build the vehicle you want and need.

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