Five Easy Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Car Enthusiast

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Last minute shopping?

Are you still rushing around, trying to find just the right gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend or relative? Last minute shopping can be a drag.  Let us help. Here’s a list of five easy, vehicle focused gifts that every car and SUV owner will appreciate.

Keep Reading

Why not give the gift of reading?  Car and Driver, Road & Track, Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend have both print and digital editions.  Can’t afford a trip to Tuscany to drive the latest Pagani supercar?  Read about it in these great publications.  They’ll often have a discount for a gift subscription and sometimes offer you a discount to subscribe at the same time.  Order on-line, and that’s one trip to the mall you don’t need to make.

Find a Good Spot (Part 1)

Pick up a small organizer.  These sit in the passenger footwell and hold things like tissues, pens and garbage.  It’ll help keep their vehicle neat and tidy.  Places like Canadian Tire, Princess Auto and Amazon are great sources for organizers.

Find a Good Spot (Part 2)

Don’t forget their back-seat passengers.   Get an organizer for the back seat. Do they have kids of all ages?  They can always use another cupholder, or place to keep a small game console.  A small garbage bin can help prevent the entire back seat area from becoming a mess.   Some organizers hang from the back of the front seat, keeping everything in easy reach.  There’s also a wide variety of cargo organizers with folding sides, lids and small cubby spaces to help keep a trunk neat and tidy.

Put a Charge In Them

A battery booster is a great way to say, “Don’t call me when your car won’t start”, but without actually saying those words.  Small, portable, and always at the ready, it can get a car started when the local motor vehicle association is backed up with calls.

The Ferrari They’ve Always Wanted

They can’t afford an exotic car?  You can’t afford to give one to them?  Easy peasy.  Places like Supercar Experiences will rent you that rare exotic for a short period without breaking the bank.  Drive a Ferrari, a Porsche Turbo, the new Lamborghini Urus SUV, or check out their track and test drive days.  This will give your lucky gift recipient an experience they’ll never forget.

As we get closer to Christmas, remember to breath, try to relax, and use our gift-giving ideas to make your last-minute shopping a little easier.  If they’re shopping for a new vehicle for Christmas, you can always mention our Comparison Tool to help them get their best value at the dealership.  That would be your Christmas present to Automobl.  Thanks!

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