How We Do It

You travel a difficult road when you shop for a new vehicle.  Pricing, features, warranties, financing and finding the right dealer are just a few of the things you need to consider.  That road is a lonely place.

We’d like to keep you company.

A new vehicle is a major purchase.  As far as major purchases go, it often ranks second in dollars spent to a new home purchase.  It can have a substantial impact on your bank account.

At Automobl™, we aim to help you decide what vehicle gives you value for your money. As well, over time, we plan to add tips and hints that we think will help you research and purchase a new vehicle, and provide our thoughts on ownership.

Our Automobl Value Comparison can help you evaluate three things:

  • “Feature Difference” is a list of features found on one vehicle and what we believe aren’t on the other.
  • “Common Equipment” is the list of similar features we found on both vehicles.
  • “Measurement” will give you insight into things like headroom, leg room and cargo space.

We look at more than 400 features that might be found on any given vehicle.  We then assign our Automobl Value to each feature.  We total that up, along with the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) to reveal the Automobl Value Advantage.

Automobl Values reflect our assessment of the approximate value of a particular feature based on our team’s experience and research.  Our Automobl Value for a particular feature is generally the same across vehicles.  The only time we change an Automobl Value, is when you see an asterisk* next to a feature.  The asterisk denotes the installed price of that feature, usually as a factory offered option or a dealer-installed accessory.  Over time, as features become more common, we might revise our Automobl Values to reflect their position in the marketplace.

Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision, and we hope our research helps you with yours. 

The Automobl site provides information, not advice, based on Automobl’s research and our team’s experience.  This site should be used in combination with other available information, resources, common sense, and your own discretion.   

Now it’s up to you.

Keep in mind that the Automobl Value of Features may not be appropriate for you and your preferences.   Others may value features differently.  We make no representations, guarantees or warranties in relation to any of the information provided.   

Automobl is independent, and not affiliated with or endorsed by vehicle manufacturers.