2019 Honda Passport

How much junk is in your trunk?

I came across a wonderful garage sale idea when looking for a way to describe the cargo carrying capacity of various vehicles.  Pierce County, Washington, has a sale called “Junk in your Trunk“.  Fill up the trunk of your vehicle, pull up to the parking lot of the Sprinkler Recreation Center, pop the trunk, and your sale has begun. Ample cargo space is crucial for many vehicle owners.

Everyone has stuff to carry.  How much stuff is often dictated by stages in life.  Generally, when you’re young, you don’t need to carry that much.  A growing family needs room for strollers, portable playpens and diaper bags.  Move along the timeline, and sports equipment bags are a good way to measure trunk space.  Once the kids are out of the house (that is, if they ever leave), garage sailing and antiquing might be on your list.  Perhaps long distance travel, with a tent, camping gear, or land based cruising with lots of luggage might be your aspirational goal.

The database we use to power the Automobl Comparison Tool allows us to analyze the features and dimensions of the vehicles we offer. If cargo/trunk space is important to you, click through on the Dimensions page when you’re comparing vehicles.  It will tell you the size of the cargo space, in Litres, if it’s listed by the manufacturer.

If you have to carry long objects and two or three passengers, look for a split fold down rear seat.  This allows you to carry items like hockey sticks or skis with a person in the back sitting next to them.  A rear seat that folds in a 40/20/40 ratio will allow two rear seat passengers and long objects between them.  Many European models offer a ski bag that unfurls into the rear seating area when skis are stowed in the trunk.

Need lots of space?  Let’s look at the vehicles on our database that have the most cargo space. For sport utilities, we’ll list the result with all of the seats in their upright positions.

In the Sport Utility category, the 2019 Honda Passport has the most rear cargo capacity with 1,430L of space, followed by the 2019 Toyota 4Runner at 1,337L and the 2019 GMC Yukon XL at 1,113L.

If you’re in the market for a car, the 2019 Prius leads the way with 776L of cargo space.  The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon follows with 770L and the 2019 Hyundai Ioniq with 750L.

If you’re shopping for an SUV, don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit by comparing, say, an SUV with a car or hatchback.  You may find a hidden gem in a different category that fits your needs perfectly.  That’s the beauty of the Automobl Comparison Tool.  You can make these kinds of comparisons in one place, without having to wander throughout the internet.  Have fun!