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Our good friends at Plug ‘n Drive really liked our last blog post. They felt it really made the case for Electric Vehicles (EVs) against their gas-powered counterparts. So much so that they have put our post on display at the Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre. Their Product Specialist, Education and Outreach, Ron Groves, sent along a photo of the display (above) and some Electric Vehicle resources for understanding more about EVs before you buy. (Full disclosure: I’ve known Ron since we were 12). We’ve also included some USA resources for our American readers.

There are enough used EVs on the market that a pre-owned vehicle makes sense for people to dip their toe into driving EVs. Plug ‘n Drive even offers a rebate on the purchase of used EVs.

If you’re shopping for a brand new EV, check Automobl regularly. We’re putting new EVs on our site seemingly every day. Drop us a line if we don’t have the vehicle you want in the Automobl Comparison Tool. We’ll see if we can move it to the front of the line.

Here’s a list of resources that you can review in advance of your EV purchase.

Ron's Resources

Here are Ron’s Resources (has a nice ring to it!) with his notes for each:

  • Automobl.com Shopping for a new, or new to you electric vehicle: Put two new vehicles side by side and see which one comes out with the most bang for your buck. Very handy when comparing specific features between two vehicles. (Thanks Ron!)
  • Autotrader.com (USA) , Autotrader.ca (Canada) Shop for your next used EV, both private sale and dealers. Turn filters off and on so you only see the vehicles you are interested in.
  • eBay Motors (USA), Kijiji Auto (Canada) Similar to Autotrader, but you should use both to ensure you search all the for sale vehicles.
  • Facebook Marketplace Cannot filter for just EV, but you can search by make and model.

Electric Vehicle Resources

Charging Station Finders/Route Planners

YouTube Channels

Don’t stop now! Get the full story. Sign up for our New Car Buyer’s Course, which includes things to look for when you’re shopping for an EV. Our Automobl Comparison Tool lets you easily compare features on new vehicles. And our checklists help you avoid missing crucial steps in the purchasing process. Automobl is the essential new car buyer’s tool kit. Sign up today!

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