Electric Cars and COVID-19


Just a few thoughts on the recent rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all been told to minimize our contact with others, stay home, and wash our hands, among other preventative measures. But what if you just have to get out of the house?

Electric Cars and Coronavirus

This makes a case for an electric car (EV). If you’re in a single family dwelling, you can charge your vehicle at home, rather than take it to a gas station where social interaction is needed. Yes, you can pay at the pump with a standard gas powered vehicle, but you also need to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer afterwards to stay safe. 

If you’re on a road trip in your EV, you might run into a similar situation as the gas pumps; you still need to fill up. Quick charge stations are mostly controlled through apps, and though you’ll still want to wash your hands or use sanitizer after plugging in and unplugging your vehicle, you’ll still limit your contact with others.

Tesla's Solution

Taking this one step further, the Tesla Model S and X have passenger compartments that are sealed.  The air pressure inside the cabin is positive, that is, it’s pumped in from the outside. And all the air comes through a special filter, the High-Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA filter. This kind of filter can remove up to 99.97% of particles passing through it that are under .3 microns in diameter.

So what’s the size of the COVID-19 virus? About 0.12 microns. So even a Telsa in Bioweapon Defense Mode would allow some of the virus to sneak through. Of course that’s in the case of someone hanging on to the hood and sneezing into the fresh air intake of the Tesla as you drive down the highway. Unless you’re the Road Runner and doing battle with Wile E. Coyote, that’s not likely to happen.

Have the Best Day You Can

The best we can do is take the precautions that have been advised by our public health experts. Try to relax, and stay safe. Wave to your neighbour, drop your tech-savvy widowed aunt an email, and call your kids. Kids, call your parents. Let’s do our best to stay connected even when the circumstances feel like they’re keeping us all apart.

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