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Sometimes, you just get stuck

You’re a great sales consultant. You’ve qualified your customer, you’ve done a deep dive into their needs and wants. You’ve done everything RIGHT.

But you have a problem.

It doesn’t seem to matter what you do. You just can’t move your customer off your competitor’s product. You know your vehicle offers more features for the dollar. Your dealership is where they should buy. You know it, and maybe, deep down, your customer knows it too. But you just can’t close them.

They’re leaning towards a competitor’s vehicle. You think your vehicle great value. How do you get them to come around to your way of thinking? If only you had SOMETHING to push them to your side.

You need an ace in the hole.

That's where Automobl comes in

Information is your best friend. And we have it in spades.

We give you ten things ranked by Automobl Value that we believe are on your vehicle, and not on your competitor’s vehicle.

And, if your vehicle ‘wins’ the Automobl Value Comparison, we tell you. You can click on ‘Get all the Details’ and reveal the entire Automobl Value Comparison. Dollar for dollar, you can show your customer how the features on your vehicle give them more ‘Automobl Value’. More stuff for the dollars they’re spending.

Honda CR-V versus Chevrolet Equinox

Say, for instance, you’re at a Honda dealer. In this example, you’d work through the list of features for the CR-V with your customer. You can let them know that they’d have to go to a higher trim level to get adaptive cruise control on an Equinox. Wouldn’t they like the convenience of automatic temperature control? How about 20 more horsepower for those two lane passing situations?

Then, bring it home.

If your vehicle ‘wins’ the comparison, you’ll see the “Get all the Details” box. Click on it, and you’ll get feature by feature difference comparison that looks something like this:

Honda CR-V and Chevrolet Equinox Automobl Value Comparison

Now here’s your chance to close your customer. Show them that the extra features on your vehicle add up to tangible value dollars. Do they really want to spend more money, and get less?

But, then you might be asking yourself the same question as your customer. Why should either of you believe us?

The Automoble Value Advantage

With an affiliated company, we’ve been doing these kinds of comparisons for more than 20 years for OEM manufacturers. We’ve developed these values in consultation with manufacturers, and our own research.

We formed Automobl to bring value based comparisons to a much wider audience, for both consumers and dealer personnel. We’re independent. No manufacturer influences the value we put on any feature. We aren’t funded by any manufacturers or dealers. Our funding comes from subscriptions. We’re not biased for or against any vehicle or manufacturer.

The Top Ten Automobl Features is free to use

Use the Automobl Comparison Top Ten list with your customers every time. Integrate it into your sales process. They’ll see the value in your vehicle vetted by an independent third party. It could make the difference between closing a sale, and having your customer walk to another dealer.

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