Comparison: 2019 Honda Civic LX vs 2019 Toyota Corolla LE

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When you look at the heart of the compact sedan market, a comparison between Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla immediately springs to mind.  They’re the heavyweights in this segment, battling for small car supremacy year in and year out.  Honda and Toyota pack a lot of features into these vehicles, because down the road, they’re hoping that the purchasers of these two cars will later buy an Acura or Lexus.

When we perform an AutomoblTM Value Comparison, Corolla LE is clearly lower in price.  Despite that, the Toyota delivers high value items such as LED headlights, a CD player and pedestrian detection.  On the other hand, the Civic LX provides many convenience features for the additional $880.  More horsepower and torque, wider tires and brake cornering assist will engage any driver.  Civic offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to offset the CD player of Corolla.  And a security system will help keep the Civic out of the hands of thieves.

Does the Civic LX overcome the lower price of Corolla LE with added features? See for yourself:

Automobl Value Advantage Comparison
A comparison of the 2019 Honda Civic LX and the 2019 Toyota Corolla LE

Despite more individual features, Civic can’t outdo the difference in MSRP of the Corolla.  Plus, Toyota has recently upped the ante with an all-new Corolla for 2020.  We’ll take a look at this new vehicle in a future comparison.

Be sure to review the Common Equipment and Measurements of these two vehicles.  Compare for yourself.  Click to go to our Comparison Tool.

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